Biomedical and health research

Researchers should register with the central government’s Department of Health Research (DHR), the authority that reviews biomedical and health research.

The term “biomedical and health research” refers to research that involves basic, applied, and operational studies designed primarily to advance scientific understanding of diseases and conditions, their detection, causes and strategies for promoting, preventing, or ameliorating disease and rehabilitation, including clinical research.

Registration of Ethics Committees reviewing Biomedical & Health Research

Government of India has notified the New Drugs and Clinical Trials Rules-2019, which came into force on 19th March 2019. In Chapter IV of the Rules, titled “Ethics Committee for Biomedical and Health Research”, it is stated that Ethics Committees that review biomedical and health research are required to register with the government authority designated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Department of Health Research (DHR).

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